Monday, August 31, 2015

UPC problem

UPC Problem - Universal Product Code
The Universal Product Code, or UPC, is one of the most widely used marks in the world, appearing on packaged foods, magazines, books, records, and other mass-produced products.  Indeed, the UPC mark has become a symbol of consumerism throughout the world. But because this image is seen so frequently, it is almost always taken for granted and consequently not really seen at all – it has become part of the invisible fabric of our daily lives. With this in mind, redesign the UPC mark, making it visible once again by interpreting it as a personal, political, or social statement.
You are to do eight preliminary drawings. When all the sketches are completed, choose one and execute it as accurately as possible in Illustrator.  There are no limitations on the use of colour.
This was a recent Activity we completed for our course. Here are my solutions.

I sketched 8 different ideas and then created two finals in Adobe Illustrator.

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